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Tuyau Chem-FLEX™ 106 - PVC rouge + gaine interne en PTFE - [Øi.2,7 x Øe.9,6 mm] - L.7,6 m

Pour transfert de solvants agressifs, liquides sensibles à l'air et tous types de gaz.

Référence : 2509974

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General description
Developed by Aldrich for the safe transfer of aggressive solvents, air-sensitive liquids, and gases. Based on the original Aldrich Flex-needle concept, chemists can now fabricate their own transfer lines with CHEM-FLEX™ tubing to any length up to 50ft, easily and economically. CHEM-FLEX™ is suitable for many applications where standard PTFE tubing is used.

• Chemically inert, thin-wall PTFE inner tube sheathed in clear PVC for extra strong, flexible transfer lines that are resistant to crushing or kinking
• Easily clamped to transfer needles and accessory fittings
• Color-coded tubing-size, imprinted with "safety stripe" for high visibility in the lab
• Cut-marks at 6 in. intervals

Application : CHEM-FLEX™ 106 tubing is designed specifically for use with 12 gauge transfer needles and is suitable for small volume transfers of products packed in Aldrich Sure/Seal bottles.

Existe aussi en d'autres longueurs (7,6 m), cotation sur sur demande.

Legal Information : Chem-Flex is a trademark of Sigma-Aldrich Biotechnology LP and Sigma-Aldrich Co LLC.

Poids 4,3 Kg
Volume 0,0306 m³   (30600 cm³)
Largeur 0,35 m   (35 cm)
Longueur 0,35 m   (35 cm)
Hauteur 0,25 m   (25 cm)
Les dimensions, le poids et le volume sont bruts (emballage inclus)
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